Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Awards announced for the third season of the ‘Casablanca Film Factory Awards’. is an IMDb Qualifying seasonal online award competition conducted by Casablanca Film Factory for Independent Filmmakers across the globe. 13 films from seven countries made it to the final round. Nirmal Baby Varghese, director and founder of Casablanca Film Factory, is the festival director of this award competition.

‘Pandemic: Chaos is Bleeding’ from Netherlands, directed and produced by Cynthia Fridsma won the best feature film award. Turkish director Serkan Aktaş won the Best Director award for his film ‘The Librarian’ and Mustafa Aydın won the Best Actor award for the same film. Notable actress Jana Klein won the best actress award for his performance in ‘La Der Des Der’ (France). American film ‘Ghosts Of Hiroshima’ directed by Brandon Walker won the best trailer award.

Other awards are listed below:

Best Short Film – ‘La Der Des Der’ directed by Patrice Guillain (France).

Best Documentary Film – ‘Through The Eyes Of Aracy’ directed by Ruyter Curvello Duarte (Brazil).

Best Experimental Feature – ‘Demons Of Grimsly County’ directed by Brook Jayde Brown (United States).

Best Experimental Short – ‘Buddha Puddha’ directed by Dante Tanikie-Montagnani (United Kingdom).

Best Animated Film – ‘Mystery Hole’ directed by Matt Bissett-Johnson (Australia).

Special Festival Mention – ‘Full Moon’ directed by John Vo, Ken Yoffe &Ellen Weisberg (United States).

Best Producer – Matt Bissett-Johnson for the film ‘Mystery Hole’ (Australia).

Best Cinematographer – Pierre Aragou for the film ‘La Der Des Der’ (France).

Best Editor – Serkan Aktaş for the film ‘The Librarian’ (Turkey).

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