Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Casablanca Film Factory is set to scare everyone with their new experimental horror film ‘Day of Slaughter’. ‘Day of Slaughter’ is an upcoming Sci-fi horror film written and directed by notable filmmaker Nirmal Baby Varghese under the banner of Casablanca Film Factory. The makers have not revealed more details about the film. ‘Vazhiye’, the first found footage film in Malayalam, was the first film produced by Casablanca Film Factory. Nirmal is also the director of that movie.

Casablanca Film Factory is a film production company started in 2016 by director Nirmal Baby for independent cinema. Before this, Casablanca Film Factory has produced the short films ‘Mirror of Reality’ and ‘Mattam the Change’ and the multi-award winning documentary film ‘Thariode’.

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