Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Awards announced for the fourth season of the ‘Indie World Film Festival’ which focuses to celebrate Film Makers and Creators around the world, who take a risk and do experiments in Film Making. The festival holds a screening for our hand-selected jury members, made up of industry personnel and film fans, where we showcase some of that month’s nominated films. After the screening is over, the jury members vote to decide the winners. Screenings are a jury-member only event, and are not open to the general public. This is a Malta-based jury-member-only event and is not open to the general public.

‘The Birth of Music’ (Russia), directed and produced by Dmitri Frolov won the Best Film Award. ‘The Birth of Music’ also bagged additional five awards; Best Producer, Best Actor (Sergey Oskolkov), Best Actress (Lyudmila Konyaeva), Best Cinematographer (Dmitri Frolov), Best Original Score (Sergey Oskolkov). Filmmaker Zoe Szymon’s ‘Coffeine: INSIDE OSP’ (Greece) won the Best Animated film award. Zoe Szymon also won additional two awards including Best Director and Best Poster.

‘The Proselyte’ (Philippines) directed by Kevin Rome Ambol won the Best Experimental Film award. Kevin Rome Ambol won four other awards (Best Supporting Actor, Best Editor, Best Art Director, Best Poster). ‘The Graveyard Owner’ won additional two awards including Best Supporting Actress (Joribelle Prodigo), Best Makeup (Queen Abegail Pantua).

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