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Hello Corey Davis, it’s a pleasure to have you with us for this interview. Congratulations on your award at last season of the “Indie World Film Festival”.

Q: Your new movie is “I See You”; in a few words, what is it about?

A: ‘I See You’ tells the story of a young man on a quest to seek pleasure from a woman he desires. His lust makes him contemplate whether to unleash his inner demon or go about killing his demon.

Q: When did you plan to do this film?

A: Kristen and I planned to do this film last spring in 2021. This film actually started off as a class project for my cinematography class, in which we had together. We had come up with this idea of telling a stalker story because in our class, we were required to shoot a video using foreground elements in our shots to create a sense of depth, and we felt as if a stalker storyline would be the best narrative to execute the goal of the assignment.

Q: What got you into filmmaking in the first place, and did you receive any formal training on the subject?

A: I have been into film since a very young age (six years old to be exact). As a kid, I used to always have these wild imaginations of escaping my reality and inserting myself into these different [film] worlds. I have always wanted to express my thoughts and views on the world in ways that I never could in real life, and film to me has always been the appropriate medium to use to accomplish such feat. As far as formal training, I did not really get “formally” trained until I started college back in Fall 2019. I mean, I have been shooting films on my iPhone since 2014, but not at this extent in the present day where I am actually using digital cameras and learning more about the ins and outs of the craft in school.

Q: What can you tell us about your film work prior to this film?

A: Kristen and I had also worked on another project, The Man in Black, which was a western, about a month prior to working on this one. It focused on a gunslinger trying to protect a damsel in distress from a rival gunslinger. There are plenty of other projects that I have participated in and filmed in the past, all which allowed for me to escape reality and put myself and others in situations that could be realistic in society but is outside reality at the same time. Kristen and I having a certain rapport with each other also made us want to continue working together with ‘I See You.’

Q: Can you explain or tell us some of the important elements of this film that makes it interesting?

A: What makes this film interesting is that it kind of blurs the lines between being a stalker and an incel in a way to illustrate the main protagonist’s inner demons. From the very beginning, we know from the manifesto that he wants the woman for himself, but he cannot act on those wants, or needs for that matter. This is also illustrated in the scene where he spots another guy sitting on the bench at the park chatting with her, where he instantly becomes jealous of him. The main struggle that the stalker is facing is that he wants the woman for himself, and he feels as if he only deserves her and nobody else. His entitlement alone serves as a motivator in his “quest” to get the girl he wants.

Q: How big was your team and what were the cameras that you used?

A: It was a really small team consisting of myself, Kristen, our other teammate Jake Hanes, and the actress Taylor Entrekin, who was phenomenal as the victim. We shoot on a Canon T7.

Q: Directors (and indeed actors) who inspire you and what are your favourite movies?

A: Ava DuVernay is a director that inspires me to create stories that will give people of color and myself opportunities to use our voices as vessels in order to break the preconceived notions that society has placed upon its people. My favorite movies are ‘Whiplash’ and ‘Selma,’ which both inspire me to fight for the things I believe in and that if there is a goal that I am striving to achieve, then I must not let anyone stop me from doing so. There is potential in all of us, and it is up to us to release that potential. That is what I learned from those movies.

Q: Where can people see your work?

A: They can see it on my YouTube Channel called ‘Corey Djokester.’

Q: What are your future projects?

A: I am hoping to make a sequel to ‘I See You,’ which will expand upon the stalker’s personal background and motivations for the crimes he commits. I am also working on an animated project in which I can hopefully release later on this year.

Q: Thank you for this very inspiring interview, Corey Davis. Here at the “Indie World Film Festival” we look forward to seeing and appreciating your new film productions!

A: It’s been my privilege, thank you very much!

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