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Hello Dmitri Frolov, it’s a pleasure to have you with us for this interview. Congratulations on your award at last season of the “Indie World Film Festival”.

Q: Your movie “Last Love” won many awards at several film festivals; in a few words, what is it about?

A: My movie is called “Last Love”. This is the name of one of the poems of the Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev, whose poems illustrated the image. A film about love in the broadest sense of this great word. Allegorical images of Adam and Eve appear in the film as the progenitors of humanity. We see the same Adam and Eve at the end of the film on the ruins of civilization.

‘Last Love’ film poster

Q: When did you plan to do this film?

A: My film has a very long history. First, a plan was devised and an image was captured. Then a few years passed and I met the sound for it! After getting acquainted with the composer Sergei Alexandrovich Oskolkov and his work, I discovered in his compositions a musical and poetic composition “O my prophetic soul”, which was ideally suited for my idea and the plasticity of an already filmed film! The composer appreciated and agreed that the sound and the picture found each other like Adam and Eve!…

From the film ‘Last Love’.

Q: What got you into filmmaking in the first place, and did you receive any formal training on the subject?

A: Fate and a combination of circumstances led me to filmmaking. It all started with my father’s purchase of a Quartz 2×8 Super movie camera when I was 9 years old. The fascination with the family chronicle gradually developed into a love of cinema in general.

Q: What can you tell us about your film work prior to this film?

A: I tried to shoot experimental or game-plan movies at school. The older he became, the more seriously he approached this issue. I realized for myself that a simple linear image interests me less than balancing with meanings, images and themes.

Q: Can you explain or tell us some of the important elements of this film that makes it interesting?

A: The plasticity of the images, the movement of the actors, who are two in the film, the magnificent voice-over of Leonid Mozgovoy, sounding as if behind the music of Sergei Oskolkov, and not in front of her. All this gives infernality to the film.

Q: How big was your team and what were the cameras that you used?

A: The film crew consisted of literally four or five people. A small group of us went to the edge of the forest in the south of the Leningrad region, where in July, at 5 o’clock in the morning, the main love scenes of two actors playing Adam and Eve were filmed. The rest of the scenes were shot in the city of St. Petersburg at different times of the year. The film was shot on film with a 16 mm “Kinor 16СX-M” camera.

Q: Directors (and indeed actors) who inspire you and what are your favourite movies?

A: I love many directors. These are Melies and Bunuel, Murnau and Eisenstein, Parajanov and Truffaut. But first of all, of course, Tarkovsky.

Q: Where can people see your work?

A: My work can be seen at festivals. It is not in the public domain yet.

Q: What are your future projects?

A: There are many plans. But first of all, I want to finish my new film by the 100th anniversary of the official end of the Civil War in Russia, October 25, 1922. It will be an experimental spectacle. Thinking about war, about peace and about a person living in an era of change.

Q: Thank you for this very inspiring interview, Dmitri Frolov. Here at the “Indie World Film Festival” we look forward to seeing and appreciating your new film productions!

A: Thank you for the prizes and interest in my work! Thank you on behalf of all my assistants and actors!

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